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Since 2011, The Bad Crowd has scaled from an “Alabama handshake” music venture into a full-service artist and entertainment company. Co-founded by the feature artist, Bo Latham, The Bad Crowd turned an idea and an extra room into tour dates and merch sales across the country. Utilizing his creative media talents, Bo Latham's artist YouTube page had amassed 110,000 views in three years. Taking these experiences with him, Bo packed his belongings into two boxes and moved to Music City to conquer the production side of his music.

  • The Bad Crowd
  • Bo Latham
  • Opening for Yelawolf
  • Live at Georgia Theatre
  • Live in Athens, GA
  • Opening for Juicy J
  • Interview in Atlanta
  • Pay Up Music Video
  • Live in Tuscaloosa, AL

Exploring his new terrain, Bo has discovered incredible success with the production development he sought in Nashville. While currently ready to re-launch from his new platform, Bo is more relentless than ever in his dedication to sharpening his crafts, expanding his reach, and enhancing his network. Day-to-day, Bo Latham is providing his creativity and services to artists, brands, companies, and individuals that can be mutually beneficial in their missions. View his recent work below.